Johnson City prides itself on a school system striving for excellence and many higher education opportunities. The Johnson City School System is comprised of 11 schools and 522 certified teachers serving more than 7,000 students. Our schools are consistently above state and national averages for ACT, SAT and state test scores. The system also achieves exemplary ratings at all levels on all non-academic indicators such as attendance, promotion and drop-out rate.

East Tennessee State University is home to approximately 12,000 students. It offers 112 undergraduate and 75 master’s programs, including one of the country’s select few fully accredited graduate programs in storytelling. It also is the only four-year university in the world with a comprehensive bluegrass music program. ETSU also boasts a College of Pharmacy and the James H. Quillen College of Medicine. With a high-performing public school system and higher learning facilities to meet most anyone’s needs, education is key in East Tennessee.

Our School System

The mission of the Johnson City Schools is to enable all students to achieve excellence in learning, social responsibility, and self-worth.

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Board of Education

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the first Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Columbus 12 Powell Building (Central Office, 100 E. Maple Street) or at another location as announced.

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