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Steve Harsh, Superintendent

Galvanized Replacement Iniative

Phase One of the City’s Galvanized Waterline Replacement Project was completed in October 2010, giving 348 customers improved water quality and volume. This phase consisted of replacing outdated galvanized pipe with 18,730 linear feet of waterline in the areas of the Presidential Streets, Belle Terrace subdivision, Austin Springs Road and Walnut Grove Road. Phase One came in under budget, at $982,521. Construction on Phase Two commenced on Sept. 12, 2011, in the Mountcastle Hills and Dogwood/Gillfield subdivisions, where 16,795 linear feet of line is set to be replaced by October 2012.


To Report a Water

  • main break or leak
  • pressure concern
  • quality concern
To Report a Sewer

  • overflow
  • blockage
  • concern

Mon-Fri 6:30a.m.-5:00p.m. call (423) 461-1645

After business hours call (423) 461-1643

To report a non-emergency, please e-mail

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a way to find sections of sanitary sewer lines that have cracks, leaks or faulty connections that allow rainwater into the sanitary sewers. During testing, City crews will send a specially designed white smoke into the sanitary sewer system by blowing it into a manhole. It is then forced out through lines and cracks, openings, or plumbing vents on or near roof tops. The smoke is safe, odorless, non-toxic and non-staining.

Testing can provide a service to you, as a homeowner. If smoke enters your home, it will make you aware of deficiencies in your plumbing system. If smoke enters your home, please call (423) 461-1645.

For more information click on Smoke Testing.